Black as Night (The Black Trilogy Book 2) By M.C. Webb

"The Best was saved for last!" "Epic ending to a fantastic trilogy!" "Thrilling, heartbreaking and exciting until the very end, AND the end! You don't see it coming!"

Best-selling author MC Webb gives readers a delicious and heart stopping final book of The Black Trilogy with book three "The Black Remnants."

Time is running out for Piper and Ryan. As they struggle with new identities, there are mercenaries at their door. Ruthless killers hired to capture or kill Piper before she can give testimony against the Rothchild crime ring. While running for her life, Piper is thrown in the midst of past, present, and future horrors as Ryan comes face to face with he's own personal hell. The Black Remnants are all that remains for those that survive the devastation.

*Due to the adult content of this novel, it is recommended for mature audiences only.